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Overhead Door Openers




Super Quiet Operation And A Host Of Features

  • Powerful 1000N motor
  • In Built Safety Features
  • Trusted 5 year Warranty
  • Suit Door Sizes up to 18m2

With a powerful 1000N DC motor and adjustable speed settings, the Enduro is the opener of choice for when you positively want the best in performance, features and peace of mind.

The Enduro has all the features and adaptability for the most demanding of applications. The 1000N DC motor has variable speed settings, to suit the slow drive needs of complex tilt doors, through to higher rates for suitable installs. The aluminium C-Rail provides corrosion resistance, important in coastal areas, and can be mounted flush to ceilings in low headroom situations.

Other standard features include Automatic Technology’s unique TrioCode 128 transmitter system, LED courtesy light, Wireless Safety Beam compatibility, Door Profiling and Intelligent Safety Systems. Optional modes comprise Auto Close for extra security protection, Ventilation Mode for cooling and Vacation Modes for prolonged absences.





Low Noise And An Ideal Opener Upgrade

  • Strong 800N Motor
  • Intelligent Safety System
  • Proven Reliability
  • Suits Door Sizes up to 16.5m2

Fitted with a steel C-Rail and a strong 800N DC motor, the feature-rich Dynamo offers all the performance and safety that a busy family home requires, yet will leave you with change in your wallet.

With a sleek look the Dynamo provides the ideal balance between garage door opener performance and affordability. An ideal long lasting solution for busy families, it offers an excellent mix of safety systems, TrioCode 128 technology, courtesy light and service reminder to make this an excellent long-lasting opener for homes with a sectional garage door. It can be readily upgraded to include battery backup, and belt drive for improved quietness and peace of mind. When you want a workhorse, this is the opener to buy.