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ATA Roller Door Openers




The Essence Of Smart, Simple And Secure

Now with 5-Year/10,000 Cycle Warranty

  • Strong 600N motor
  • In Built Safety Features
  • Trusted 5 year Warranty

Our new flagship roll-up garage door opener, the GDO-6 EasyRoller Gen2 expands on the international standard set by its predecessor. Retaining the proven slimness, technological performance and reliable mechanics, this new opener introduces key technologies including Wireless Safety Beams compatibility and LED lighting.

The GDO-6 EasyRoller Gen2 takes forward the impressive reputation built by this series over the past decade. Added to this new version is compatibility with Wireless Safety Beams Ready, bright white LED lighting, and extra transmitter memory. Still included in the plethora of features is TrioCode 128, Soft Start/Soft Stop, the ability to fit within as little as 40mm between the door curtain and bracket, and advanced door profiling and obstruction sensing.





  • Strong 550N motor
  • In Built Safety Features
  • Trusted 2 year Warranty

With a tough, IP24 rated weather resistant housing, the Shed Master is perfect for exposed applications like perimeter doors and open carports. With a keyed lockout for added security and slim fit design, it is ready for harsh and testing environments.

Standard features also include Intelligent Safety System, Door Profiling and Automatic Technology’s own TrioCode transmitter system. This opener will tell you when it’s due for a service and prevents unauthorised entry with a built-in lockout system. If you need a solution to last in all weather conditions then this is the opener for your door.





  • Powerful 1000N motor
  • In Built Safety Features
  • Trusted 2 year Warranty

The Toro offers sophisticated commercial roller door opening technology and superior pulling power. With built-in Battery Back-up and a wall-mounted control panel you can program a variety of operating modes for your security and safety.

A marriage of immense power and sophisticated logic controls, the Toro can cater for roll-up doors up to 28m2 and high duty cycles. The logic control system, with LCD screen, can manage up to 511 TrioCode Garage Door Remotes, and offers time clock controlled access programs, adjustable speed and obstruction settings. A full complement of controlling inputs and outputs are standard, including compatibility with up to three Wireless Safety Beams systems simultaneously. Rounding this out is Soft Start/Soft Stop, Door Profiling, Intelligent Safety System and variable Auto Close settings.